Senator ibikunle Amosun a traitor to the people of Ogun state, APC, and the people of egba land- by Michael shote

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micheal shote

People prefer injustice and dishonesty to justice and honesty.
Senator ibikunle Amosun a traitor to the people of Ogun state, APC, and the people of egba land by Michael shote;
From all indication it is Cristal clear that Amosun is selfish and unreliable I mean for a man who was in the Senate, became the Governor of the state after eight years still want to go back to the Senate and still want to become a God father to the next Governor at the same time thereby setting up another man in another party APM so that he can counter the Governorship candidate of his own party the APC.
Only a traitor and a selfish human being does that, knowing fully well that we can never have everything in life, we just have to be contented and think about others.
If the people of egba should vote for APM, then it shows that the Egba people are are dishonest and uncivilized people.
When I was in the UK, there was a time I was discussing with pa Abraham Adesanya about the progress of this country and he told me that there is no enemy in politics and I said there is enemy in politics I made him to know that any politician who does not love his people, who does not think about how his country will progress but only think about himself is an enemy. Definitely there is enemy in politics.
Senator Amosun and his brother who against the will of Nigerians wanted be President for the third term
Are typical examples the enemies I am talking about.
To be sincere with ourselves Nigeria is richly blessed with a lots of people who are rich in positive ideology to move the Nation forward but some set of people who have been in government decades have been rotating the mantle of leadership within themselves this is not good for Nigeria at all if we are to move forward and that’s one the reasons why our constitution needs to be rewritten for a very good and progressive governance to develop the country.
If we continue with greedy people like Amosun, Obasanjo, Saraki and the rest of all these greedy politicians;
Nigeria will be running round the same spot.
As some will say Amosun as done a lot in changing the look of Abeokuta the Ogun state capital, but it is a fact that the money used for all of these projects belongs to the people Ogun state in general he never spent any money from his own personal bank account, he has done nothing special as a governor.
I mean its not done anywhere in the world, to be in two political patties at the same time instead you stick to one to show that you are not a traitor.
Amosu should contest under is new party not APC if he is to show that he is civilized and reliable.
I am not a politician but I can never support people like these and Nigerians should try everything possible to stop people like these to stop fooling us.

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