NEWS :Urgent observation the INEC chairman should take very serious by – Michael Olushegun shote.

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NEC should postpIone this election indefinitely and take time to investigate  everybody in connection with the 50million thumb printed ballot for PDP, and the PDP should be bane from producing any candidate for the election in Nigeria, everybody involved in this scandal should be jailed and  banned from contesting any political office.

News also licked that Atiku abubakar  the presidential flag bearer of the PDP also gave all the 36 States INEC  commissionals a gift of $1million  just to rig the election to favour PDP and gave $3 million to his party in each states to buy votes all their plans have been exposed and that is enough evidence to stop PDP for live in Nigeria.
Donald trump the president of the united state is also involved this conspiracy to show how unreliable the president of the US is, African should be careful of Donald trump.

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What business does he have with Nigeria political system? we are not ready to be bullied like other country that the US has bullied in the past if trump had rigged to become the US president with the help of Russia, he can not do that here to impose PDP on Nigerians we are not slaves and we can not be enslaved anymore to any white nation, we are not animals that Trump called us we are human we want to develop our country and make it a great nation and be prosperous like other great countries of the world.
INEC should not continue until PDP and other election malpractices plans are blocked to allow good governance to reign.
God is giving us a test in Nigeria, we have two options, between right and wrong, between a man who want to make Nigeria a better place and a man who want to sell all the national assets, between a good man and a thief the choice we make we tell if our children and the posterity we not cause us, it is very important we let the truth prevail, let allow the man with the fear of God rule this country and disallow Atiku who is so desperate for power  for no just course, but to steal from us and throw the country into total darkness.

I commend governor Akeredolu of ondo state for his article about the decision of some elderly men who should be seen leading the younger generation of the Yoruba race on the part of making Nigeria a great country but instead drumming support for a thief who does not want the progress of this country.
I want to tell Akeredolu and every Yoruba’s not to show any respect for anybody who calls himself a leader of Afenifere and does not show good example to the younger generation of the Yoruba nation to do justice but instead misleading the people to vote for injustice, these men are only traitors, son of Pharaoh and does not deserve any respect from anybody.
Because  moses was sent by God to deliver the Israelites from pharaoh, mose faced pharaoh with every courage he did not think of any respect for pharaoh who is older and more powerful than him he only feared God who sent him to do Justice. so any leader who does not want justice, who does not want Nigeria to be free from thieves does not deserve any respect. Buhari has nothing to do with our money but Atiku will steal our money for himself, his family and friends this are people that will still come in the future to buy our votes with those stolen money if we continue this way when will Nigeria develope? I don’t see any future for Nigeria unless we think right.



This is a bitter truth.



2) Atikus political image should be erased in this country.



-seyi law

3) Trump is mad



4] Those supporting PDP are fools




5]Na wah oh




6] If I made a mistake by voting buhari in 2015 I want to make the mistake again Atiku can not rule



7] : Atiku is good this is just a propaganda




8]: These is a fact


-Tunde coal

9[I pity this country :


-yemi wave

10[Yoruba’s should be very careful we of this politicians because of our children



13] Fool buhari, be ready to follow your baboon to the meeting that he has scheduled with Abacha, Saddam and Gaddafi.


14]He is the first 78 year old man to have a junior sister who is 80 years. He is the first man to be 72 years in 2011 and the become 76 years in 2019. He is the first Nigerian army general without degree, without course training, and without field experience. He is the first Nigerian army general through store keeping. Useless uncircumcised animals.


Mr olusegun shote Pls substantiate your points. I don’t accept things dogmatically


Idiot buhary, your candidate the baboon is the inventor of corruption, stealing, and conversion. No brain material and that’s why you are blind follower



Just tell your blind god Buhari not to shift his defeat again…


-udon ijoba

Nonsense throughout pdp years we never suffered like this and Nigeria was never in this huge debt which nobody can see any tangible thing do with it by oleee Buhari. Right now abacha loot is being re looted by pmb and cabal



femi ogunfunpe

dis man called himself shote or wat pls we hard enough frm you , i normaly read ur article i can see u dont knw anytin about politics is better u keep ur point and advice wit urself ,cause it cant work


=segun fasasi

mr olusegun or wat   pls go park well , u dont understand anytin



i read about dis man whr he mention him as spend 55yrs in london ,den why telling us here , we knw ur type  , u dont need to tell us just keep it in urself cause u are no de firs or last who will use 55yrs in london



Is true everywhere around my area in ebute meta everybody is talking about Atiku because people don suffer for the past 4 years and we need a relief


Fake mr shote  .Which Nigerians are on Looters side?



Truth is not an insult.


dr bunmi

Truth is an absolute defence. How would you know, anyway? I suggest that both you and the baboon go to mr shote for circumcision first. After that, apply for admission into this forum.


adeyemi jhonson

dis man is making sense na why de insult



Insult is your trademark. Not surprised     mr adeyyemi



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