Mixtape: DJ A6ix Best Of Naira Marley 2019 [Am I A YahooBoy]

Base on request from our fans, “The softjockey of africa DJA6IX (base in dubai)”

He has drops the much anticipated Mixtape so far,
Now to make trends about Naira Marley reveals his past and present in Music industry.

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So the Dubai base DJ’s decided to drop this Mixtape titled “Best of NAIRA MARLEY” which contains old and latest of naira marley’s tracks.after he dropped best of kingezzy(nigeria rapper)


Intro – Naira Marley Ft. Zlatan Ibile – Am I A Yahoo Boy

1*Naira Marley_Kosiwere
2* Naira Marley_Panda
3*Naira Marley_Would You Love Me
4*Naira Marley_Magic
5*Naira Marley_Money_X_ Tg Millian
6*Naira Marley_Wagon
7naira Marley_*+44
8*Naira Marley_Nasty_X_Kwamz
9*Naira Marley_Maxi Twigz Suttin They Know
10*Naira Marley_Praise
11*Naira Marley_Back To Work
12*Naira Marley_Flying Away
13*Naira Marley_Final Baba Nla
14*Naira Marley_Japaa
15*Naira Marley_Illuminati_X_Zlatan
16*Naira Marley_Royal’rumble_X_Lil Kesh
17*Naira Marley_Am I A Yahoo Boy_X_Zlatan
18*Naira Marley_Jogor_X_Zlatan_Lilkesh
19*Naira Marley_Fotifoyin_X_Zlatan_Teni
20*Naira Marley_Pumpum X Dayo Chino
21*Naira Marley_Ogologo_X_C’black
22*Naira Marley_Is A Goal_X_Olamide_X_Lilkesh
23*Naira Marley_Jowabayi_X_Damibliz
24*Naira Marley_Kum_X_Lilkesh_X_Bravo G
25*Naira Marley_Owo Osu_X_Candy Bleakz


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