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Nnamdi Kanu has been going to isreal to sick their support over their beed to gave a state of Biafra telling all sorts lies. I emplor Natanyahu the prime minister of isreal to be very  careful of Nnamdi kanu  and other dubious Igbo the Jews are reliable people I worked with two different Israelis companies Emywolf and shourbet of London, I had a solicitor and an advocate who Jews my experience with all of these people brings me to the conclusion that the Jews are reliable people unlike Nnamdi kanu and most of his Igbo brothers who are clamoring for the state of Biafra in fact the Government of Nigeria should let go so we can leave better life without them. If you look at what happened in Southafrica and Ghana the Igbo started all these mess up trying to posses what doesn’t belong to them and that’s what lead to killing of Nigerians in those countries.
In Lagos state the igbos are saying it belongs to them despite how distant Lagos is to their home land about 400miles. While the Ijebus who are just about 10 miles to Lagos never said it  anywhere that Lagos belongs to them.
When you go to the east of Nigeria where they come from, hardly will you see a Yoruba or an Hausa man owning a house in Imo ,Enugun or anambra state because of how hostile they are to other tribes in Nigeria, but they can mess up in other parts of the country where other tribes are.
If Nigeria Government will just allow them have their country I think Nigeria will be free of this dubious people.

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