MI Abaga Set To Drop New Music Next Weekend, Brand New E.P To Follow

MI Abaga has revealed he is trying everything possible to release an E.P before he signs a new contract that would take away from him the power to decide the release date for his future songs.The extraordinarily gifted rapper who has starved music fans of his own music for a while now, took to his Twitter page to reveal this. MI disclosed that he is set to sign a new contract, a contract that would take away music release decisions from him. He however said as a result of the incoming contract, he is quickly making plans to release an E.P and hopes to drop some tracks off the E.P, hopefully in the next weekend before his proposed contract is finally signed.
He wrote; “Trying to squeeze out a whole ep for you guys!!! Once I sign my new contract releasing music wont be completely up to me.. so.. hopefully by next weekend we have a few songs for y’all.”

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