‘I will kill myself if you don’t follow me’ – Actress Uche Okoye to Wizkid

Nollywood actress, Uche Okoye took to social media togive Wizkid a one week ultimatum to follow her back or post her photo on IG, else she will kill herself.

In the video shared on IG, she said;

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“Am back again, am back again. Its me and wizkid today, you can’t be messing with my heart and expect me to lay back. I have had it up to here. Today I have come for you and I to settle it.”

Wizkid! You can’t be messing with my heart like that na, check it. Is it proper?, is it right? No!. I have being a fan since way back. I like this dude. I have being tagging this dude. he won’t say he does not know me.

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