Democracy is for Justice and honesty not for crook and dishonest people.By Michael Olushegun shote .

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Democracy is for Justice and honesty not for crook and dishonest people.By Michael Olushegun shote .
I have been living in the UK for about 55 years now I was born in Nigeria I  think if Democracy will come to stay in Nigeria there must be Justice and honesty because in other countries where Democracy is being practiced justice and honesty honesty rules like a king, but in Nigeria the case is different because how can a lawyer, a SAN for that matter say that the suspension of the chief justice of Nigeria who is corrupt and dishonest is not right, how can Justice be delivered with honesty when the man in charge of Nigeria justice system  is a dishonest human being, definitely everybody in the justice system of Nigeria are corrupt and dishonest people with Femi Falana inclusive, that is to say that Femi Falana is an uncivilized human being definitely most of Nigeria’s SAN are senior armed rubber of  Nigeria.
In a democratic system of government nobody should be above the law I have some instances in the UK they practice social Democratic system of government good standard of living for every citizen is their major goal, nobody is above the law. When some top government officials misbehaved they were thrown into prison with most of their properties taken over by the government I know of a Justice who had to resign because the blacks petitioned that he was delivering judgment against them in favour the white British citizens. Although he latter cleared himself that it was a false allegation but he resigned.
I know of a top police official (his post is like the inspector general of police)who was jailed because he was collecting bribe from prostitutes.
The case of Jeffrey archer is another case that when he was the chairman of conservative party and serving as a minister of commerce. The Daily mirror and News of  world wrote about his affairs with many prostitute he denied the allegation and sued the News paper companies that carried the news which he won and the companies were ask to pay him, which made the journalist who wrote the story   committed suicide but years latter while he was contesting for the post of mayor of the city of London a friend of him who knew that Mr Jeffrey archer committed the atrocity rose against him, he was taken to curt, jailed and was made to refund the money he collected from the News paper companies with interest. His son that was working stock exchange was sacked because of his fathers behavior, it was latter discovered that Jeffrey artcher’s father used to be a smuggler (corruption has been in the Family)
An head of department in the ministry of defence got kick back from a German company and awarded a contract that was supposed to be given to a British company to the German company the matter was investigated after he retired  and found guilty all the properties he aquired and the money he save in switzaland  was confiscated and he was jailed.
All of this instances are just to show that in a country where democracy is Being practiced people respect the law and they don’t leave any stone unturned justice must be done, Nigeria should not be different, the CJN must face the Law and  if found guilty he should be made to serve the penalty if truly we are practicing democracy in Nigeria Justice honogen should not remain in the office as chief justice he should be removed and that’s the step the president had taken.
People who are thinking of calling the international communities into this matter are devilish, unreliable and uncivilized human beings
Although this is not the first time people will be supporting injustice in Nigeria James Ibori came back to Nigeria with a warm welcome after serving a jail term for financial crimes he committed in the UK the case of Deprie Alamisia the formal governor of bayelsa state is another one that shows how unreliable and uncivilized the people of the south of Nigeria are.
Atiku has done a lot in destroying this country and people still want to die to vote for him, Ethiopian government spent $4 billion to get 4000 mgwt of electricity, Obasanjo took $16 billion our electricity is still as bad as it used to be no improvement and some Nigerians are still supporting him. Spain is a country with a population of about 40 million, no crude oil and they have about 16refineries, they don’t suffer for petroleum products scarcity but in Nigeria here where we have crude oil, our refineries are not working and we suffer for fuel scarcity from time to time before now that we have better supply of it. Corruption all over Nigeria and people like justice honogen given the task to be putting things in place are not trust worthy and people are still pledging their support for him and other looters we should be ashamed.Justice Walter honogen is a disgrace to the Judiciary of Nigeria, a disgrace to the people of south_ south, he is a disgrace to Nigeria and a disgrace to black people.
Justice and honesty is very important in Nigeria if this country will move forward we have to get rid of every corrupt politicians
Maybe we should cancel the system of government we practice in Nigeria because we are allowing corruption to exist we are just about 10% of the population of China they choose their leaders within the community not democratically I mean a communist system of government and their leader performs well my advice would be that the house of Senate and house of assembly should be cancelled we need the system government that will serve people not the system of government that will allow injustice and looters the kind of system that will allow common man to leave and have security.
President muhammadu buahri should set up a disciplinary committee to check all the bigwigs of the judicial system of Nigeria including the NBA, any judge or Lawyer who is found corrupt should go to jail with every illegal properties they acquire confiscated.

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